The Tenacity of Mars and Saturn

What do you get when you mix together Mars and Saturn in a chart? Astrology is a lot like chemistry and figuring out how two chemicals will interact in a science experiment. Just like how we learned in high school chemistry to break down an experiment into its constituent parts, it’s the same in astrology. If we break down Mars and Saturn into a few key words then it’s much easier to determine the effects of their combination. For instance, Mars is a warrior and represents will, determination, and a strong competitive drive. Saturn, one the other hand, is a workhorse, and represents endurance, discipline, and the ability to persevere at a task. When they combine they represent tenacity, which is defined as persistent determination. These people are often characterized as tough, stubborn competitors who never give up and never give an inch to their opposition, which is why it’s a combination often seen in the charts of top athletes.

This weekend is the start of the London Olympic Games and we can bet that some of the athletes have Mars and Saturn in mutual aspect in their charts. Here’s one of them:

Roger Federer's  Birth Time
Roger Federer's  Vedic Horoscope
Roger Federer’s Natal Chart

I wanted to show the chart of Roger Federer because not only is he the all time top player in his sport of tennis, but he’s also a really nice guy. Saturn Mars combinations indicate a tenacious competitor but not necessarily a brutally mean individual off the court.

Muhammad Ali's Birth Data

Muhammad Ali’s Natal Chart

Dick Butkus's Vedic Horoscope
Dick Butkus’s Natal Chart

Michael Jordan's Vedic Horoscope
Michael Jordan’s Natal Chart

Steve Job's Birth Data
Steve Job's Vedic Horoscope
Steve Job’s Natal Chart

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