Dear Students of Vedic Astrology,

Here you will find Vedic Astrology Course Lessons that will help you learn Jyotish in a thorough and systematic manner. Each lesson includes exercises, homework assignments and quizzes that help you integrate theory into practice which is when real learning happens. There are also lots of graphics, charts and tables so that there is less confusion in the learning process.

The first 14 Course Lessons are now available, totaling over 690 pages of text, graphics, quizzes, exercises, and homework assignments. All 14 lessons can be purchased for $198 or purchased individually for either $16.95 or $19.95 by clicking on the ‘Purchase’ button.

These will be added in the future:

  • Lesson 15 – The Vimshottari Dasha System
  • Lesson 16 – Alternate Ascendants (Lagnas)
  • Lesson 17 – Divisional Charts (Vargas)
  • Lesson 18 – Transits (Gochara) and Ashtakavarga

Please email me by clicking here, if you have any questions.

Yours in the Jyotir Vidya,

Vaughn Paul

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