“I just read over the notes from your reading for me last July and was amazed at how accurate it was. It was really quite extraordinary and prophetic, and so helpful now as an affirmation of the underlying order of all that’s been transpiring in my life. You read the stars like most of us read the newspaper! I just sat there amazed over and over at the perfection of your words. The language you used was so clarifying, insightful and helpful. Not only did you understand the energetic subtleties of my current challenges, but you understood and expressed with penetrating insight the gifts I’m being offered through them as well as the key to their solutions. I owe you a great deal.”

~ G.G., San Rafael, CA

“I’m hearing some great things about your consultation accuracy from a lot of people, they can’t thank me enough!!”

Kapiel Raaj

KRS Channel YouTube

“Vaughn Paul Manley is awesome! I just completed my reading with him and I have to say that he went above and beyond in giving me the time I needed for no extra charge. My time of birth had to be corrected and he helped me figure it out, giving me advice that was apt and specific and 100% correct. I would highly recommend Mr. Manley to anyone who is sitting on the fence about getting a reading!! JUST DO IT!! You will not be sorry! He is the best!! Kind, empathetic & a great astrologer.”


YouTube Comment

“I have again really benefited by what you shared with me last time… I am deeply appreciative. It was all true what you say as always! I want many to benefit from your ability and wisdom. It does a lot of good to the soul!”


Stockholm, Sweden

“Vaughn Paul’s reading of my past career events, future career trends, and my personality were amazingly accurate. He predicted correctly what kind of job I would get and when I would get it. The fact that he was able to do this just by reading my chart without knowing anything about me is testimony to his outstanding knowledge of Vedic Astrology and his intuition. I felt an instant connection with his warm, engaging, and expressive style of consultation. I would heartily recommend Vaughn Paul to anyone. The experience is really eye-opening”


Boston, Massachusetts

“Wow, you were right on the money! The Univ. of Illinois offered me a job and I start on Jan. 17!!!! This coincides with everything you mentioned. Thank you again for such an insightful and accurate reading. I will certainly keep in touch.”


Fairfield, Iowa

“I thought I would let you know that with God’s grace I passed my final MBBS exams as you predicted back in February when I had my last reading with you and am now a qualified doctor. Thank you for giving me such an accurate reading and prediction. So far the predictions that you have made about my life have been spot on and have all come true. Its amazing how Jyotish can be used to accurately predict life events.You are really good at what you do.l”


London, England

“Thanks so much again for your reading. It was really amazing and helpful. I’ve had readings from other famous Vedic astrologers and psychics and yours was the most accurate and insightful of them all. No one has been able to describe my chart with such depth and clarity. What a gift and blessing!”


Kula, Hawaii

“Thank you Vaughn Paul. You have an amazing gift. I’m so glad I contacted you – I am now more certain of what I need to do.”


San Francisco, California

“Vaughn Paul’s genius is his ability to connect with you, heart-to-heart, and then to use his mastery of Vedic Astrology, his knowledge of psychology and his exceptional intuition to illuminate your world! Working with Vaughn Paul brings a sense of empowerment and a great deal of confidence that comes from making choices and decisions that are supported by the astrological influences that are present in your life. We were amazed at the amount and specificity of the information that Vaughn Paul can access through the Vedic chart. Literally any question or concern can be addressed. Vaughn Paul is an exceptional guide.”


Zento Magazine

“Your reading was very, very accurate down to specific details. I feel that your work as a Vedic astrologer is indicative of a wave of the future that is available now. In other words, you combine years of disciplined study of Jyotish with your own natural clairvoyance. The result is what many astrologers of both East and West are still striving to learn. Astrology is a psychic and spiritual science and your work proves it.”


Honolulu, Hawaii

“I just wanted to tell you “Thank you!” once again! Your reading was 100% accurate, down to the minutest details. It helped me to gain clarity about a very confusing and frustrating time in my life and helped me to accept what needed to be done so I could move forward in my life and live the truly happy life God meant for me! My life is so much more focused now—-with great clarity. Your kindness, patience, and understanding have helped me to accept and trust in myself and my future. I send you much, much gratitude and blessings.”


Encinitas, California

“Thanks so much for the reading today. You have been absolutely dead on in your analysis. I must give you kudos for a wonderful interpretation and amazingly accurate reading. I look forward to working with you in the future.”


Boston, Massachusetts

“The reading, almost 12 months later is very accurate. I would like to arrange another reading with you very soon.”


Melbourne, Australia

“Thanks for the excellent reading. I’m thrilled. You described my personality traits and the challenges I’m facing to a “T.” I’m just amazed that you could see all that in my chart! You’re obviously very skilled at what you do. You’ll be hearing from me again and quite likely several of my friends too!”


San Francisco, California

“Vaughn Paul’s reading was really a tremendous help to me. I consider myself very fortunate to have had my first ever Vedic astrological reading done with Vaughn Paul and have no hesitation in recommending him to others. The reading was not only stunningly accurate but was also delivered with a great deal of sensitivity, a fact which was very important to me at the time. He helped me to finally make some decisions, which for too long, I had been afraid to make and which had made me feel stuck. My life path now seems much clearer and I am feeling more optimistic about the future. Writing this testimonial is my way of saying thank you.”


London, England

“Thank you so much for such a beautiful, clear, and very helpful reading with you yesterday. You validated some issues, greatly clarified (with specifics!), and gave me serious food for thought in other areas. Wow! You not only have a sensitive nature, Vaughn Paul, but you’re very clear in your interpretation and delivery. I very much appreciated that.”


Sonoma, California

“I’m so excited, I wanted to share the good news that I just got promoted at my work like you predicted. You remember how when we first talked I was so upset about my career, and I didn’t know where it was going. You said everything would work out, and that I’m actually entering an exciting time. I had no idea because at that point things were not looking up. Your reading was also really amazing not only in terms of predictions, but more importantly in terms of the advice you gave me on how to work with my supervisors, and the key lessons I needed to learn. That knowledge was really invaluable for helping me make important changes and re-chart my course. You’ve really helped me to believe in myself. Thank you! Thank you!!”


New York, N.Y.

“Thank you very much for your help. Your detail and accuracy from the reading was unbelievable.”redicted. You remember how when we first talked I was so upset about my career, and I didn’t know where it was going. You said everything would work out, and that I’m actually entering an exciting time. I had no idea because at that point things were not looking up. Your reading was also really amazing not only in terms of predictions, but more importantly in terms of the advice you gave me on how to work with my supervisors, and the key lessons I needed to learn. That knowledge was really invaluable for helping me make important changes and re-chart my course. You’ve really helped me to believe in myself. Thank you! Thank you!!”


Honolulu, Hawaii

“I am very surprised that everything you told me yesterday is what is really going on in my life …amazing! To be honest, it has been difficult for me to find someone reliable in astrology. It also took me many years to find work that really suits me and to know that I found it and it is indicated in my path is so relieving.. believe me. (it’s like being blessed by the authorities up there!)”


Rome, Italy

“Thank you so much for your reading and your supportive energy. Your style of reading inspires me to keep on learning Jyotisha.”


San Rafael, California

“I wanted to let you know that thus far your predictions have been correct. We spent a chunk of time analyzing if my negotiations with my former employer would be favorable. In fact, it turned out quite favorably. You said you saw a moderate flow of money, which is true. Also, due to no obstacles in obtaining my next job, it appears as if there would be some assistance from my company. All this turned out the way you predicted.”


San Jose, California

“Thank you so much for the session. It was very helpful for me to clarify certain questions. It gave me clear insight to some important issues. The recording works fine, it is a great support, thank you so much. I look forward to communicating with you in the future.”


Istanbul, Turkey

“I wanted to tell you that I found your Vedic astrology reading extremely helpful. You were very specific with the timetables and what my past and future held. This has greatly helped me understand what is happening in my life. After your reading I went to India for six months and had reading’s there, which confirmed specific happenings that you mentioned. I thank you again for the clarity you gave me in my Vedic chart. I would highly recommend you to my friends for a reading.”


Payson, Arizona

“What you said in your reading has come true! I am coming from Osaka to attend your class in Tokyo!”

S. M.

Osaka, Japan

“I would really like very much to consult with you again. I should add that EVERYTHING you said was spot on. Needless to say, I trust you.”


New York, N.Y.

“Thank you! You are truly gifted.”


San Franciscio, California

“I did manage to pass the exam that I took in November (as predicted by you).”


Stamford, Connecticut

“I have actually good news for you – in a way, your prediction came true. You had mentioned that “It is likely your visa will get rejected and you will go to another country…”. And yes..I will land up in Canada in the second week of April 2005. Like I had mentioned in my earlier email..I have been very impressed with the patient explanations you gave and I deemed it very important to share this news with you. You have been one of the most impressive astrologers with a lot of sincerity and dedication.”


Kerala, India

“The predominant feeling from my reading with Vaughn Paul was that I felt so “seen.” His focus and attention expressed his deep knowledge of this system. The qualities of my personality, my lifetime health crisis, the personalities of my children, were right on. Also, his prediction that I would receive an inheritance within a three week time period was right on! His ease at answering my questions with specific astrological analysis was delightful, positive and caring. Vaughn Paul expresses himself from a warm heart and with a genuine interest in the mystery and magic of the interaction of me as a reflection of the reading.”


Maui, Hawaii

“Thank you so much for seeing me last week. I got so much out of the experience, most importantly a greater acceptance of myself. I have reviewed the tape several times and I keep getting more and more out of it. I must say, it’s really wonderful to have someone tell you what you’ve always intuitively known to be true about yourself, but may have been fighting in order to ‘fit in.’ Thank you for helping me give myself permission to be who I am!!”


Madison, Connecticut

“Without knowing anything about me Vaughn Paul discovered hidden connections concerning my life path and saw the different aspects of my personality. This showed me that he successfully combines his intuition with the principles of Vedic Astrology and that is why his reading could be so accurate, straight forward and informative. I could clearly feel his great dedication and warm hearted nature.”


Vienna, Austria

“Thanks for such an interesting reading the other day, it was very helpful for me, thank you. I look forward to hearing the tape and seeing the chart. This was my first contact with Vedic Astrology and I’m impressed with the depth and accuracy of your reading.”


London, England

“Thank you so much for the reading, what a life blessing. You have such an inspiring way. I notice how impeccable you are with your words, as you know the power in life & are using it with grace. I appreciate all the information.”


New York, N.Y.

“You kept saying that I was going to do a presentation of some kind. You hit that one on the head. I got a call out of the blue from a morning TV show locally and they said that they wanted to interview me. Well it turned out to be the biggest morning TV show in Phoenix! You’re the best!”T.P., Scottsdale, ArizonaT.P., Scottsdale, Arizona


Scottsdale, Arizona

“I am communicating with you after a long time, perhaps after a year or so. As you had predicted, during the Rahu dasha, I will be tempted (heart) to go back to India, but career wise (brain) I would want to be outside India. I guess it is happening. You had predicted that Rahu dasha would see me going back to India and again outside India and it will be a mixture of both. I guess this is turning out to be true.”


Ontario, Canada

“I am sitting here with myself after the life reading, deeply touched by all you let me know. Tears come up while feeling so
reached, known, seen, understood and supported in my life-journey. It is magic what it does with me. Thank you so much for your time, deep awareness, consciousness, and care with which you did the reading.”

Zurich, Switzerland

“It was a very good reading! Thank you again! You have helped me a lot, in terms of getting clearer and getting direction. There was some new things and inspirations, and also a lot of “remembering”. What I particually liked about the reading, was that in many ways it confirmed my own leanings, longings and thoughts about where I want to go, and what I am here to do (life purpose and career-wise). And it feels really good to know that I can trust my own inner guidance about following my passion. You helped putting it into words in a way that really made sense to me. Very eloquently, by the way.”


Copenhagen, Denmark

“What an amazing gift you gave me. Thank you for the wonderful reading! Thank you for your beautiful reflections and reframes, and for your conscious interpretations. I feel I am walking into my next period in grace, power, and magical receptivity. I am continually aligning with the light and beauty of my souls divine expression, and moving into willingness to be an instrument of this. Thank you for your healing assistance. I deeply appreciate you and the gift of your presence in my life.”


Phoenix, Arizona

“Thank you so much for your reading. I have long been
inconfident in my life and even doubted the purpose of my present job. But your reading really enpowered me and made me understand that what I experienced is what I needed and there is every reason for the ups and downs in the past. Now I can think that I should try do my best in what is given to me.”

Tokyo, Japan

“I was very pleased with the reading yesterday! Thank you so much. It’s very useful and I feel a lot relieved! Thank you for the
mantras. I will perform them. I hope that we will keep contact as I may have you do more readings in the future… whether for myself or my family.”

Beau Bassin, Mauritius

“Vaughn Paul is a dedicated, authentic practitioner of jyotish. His readings are empowering, encouraging and heart opening. Perhaps this is because he a certified counselor, or because he has studied with a long list of teachers, or simply because he loves spirit and wants to serve the greater good. I’m not exactly sure why he’s so helpful, but I’m grateful that he is.”


Los Angeles, California

“Thank you for the indepth analysis. I have met many vedic astrologers in the past but they do not explain anything about planetary reasons for prediction or past events. They consider themselves too learned to explain logic to the querrant. I am happy this was not the case you”


London, England

“I just wanted to call and tell you that your reading was very accurate for me. Things did shift in April when you said they would. I really appreciate your work. Thanks again!”


Maui, Hawaii

“Thank you very much for reading our charts today! We are pleased that we took the courage to have our horoscopes read by you. We really appreciate your sinsere readings. Everything you said was surprisingly correct! And we now know in which direction to go. We may ask yor again for advice in the future. If that happens, please be kind enough to help us again.”


Tokyo, Japan

“Thank you very much for the reading today – it was lovely to meet you and the reading was all that I expected and hoped it would be.”


Melbourne, Australia

“Thanks again for the wonderful consultation. It was extremely helpful and really helped me sort things out. I do feel much more at peace now.”
S.R., Boston, Massachusetts
• “Thank you so much for the reading it gave me motivation and clarity. I wish I could have one every day! That might be overdoing it. Anyway, thank you and take care.”

Maui, Hawaii

“These consultations are a wonderful tool for me, both in my spiritual life and in my business. They’re positively life altering.”


Baltimore, Maryland

“For twenty years I have had my chart read by Western astrologers. My first Vedic reading with Vaughn Paul left me amazed and delighted. Even though the planets were in different signs and houses, the interpretation was in alignment with what’s been given in the past, yet with more depth, width and height. I felt as if I was looking into the roadmap of my inner being. Vaughn Paul’s style is so pure and brilliant. I highly recommend him to anyone who wishes a deeper and greater perspective.”


Portland, Oregon

“Vaughn Paul combines his solid knowledge of Vedic Astrology with an innate intuitive sense to help guide his client’s to their highest potential. He makes what could be complex, simple and what could be overwhelming, accessible. His reading helped me to understand my life’s path with greater clarity and compassion.”


Maui, Hawaii

“I have had numerous readings using Western astrology over the years and was really curious about Vedic astrology. I was surprised to find that not only was it accurate; I think it was more accurate in many ways than the Western astrology that I was so used to! Vaughn Paul Manley provided my introduction to Vedic astrology. I was looking for more of an esoteric reading and he was able to do that for me. The information was very helpful; he gave me several concrete things to think about and move toward. Vaughn Paul has a wonderful easiness about himself that made the reading immensely enjoyable too. I would recommend Vaughn Paul to anyone. I feel they would be very pleased with the results. I sure was!”


Portland, Oregon

“Thank you for the reading. Your ability to see life as initiation and sacred journey, no matter what the circumstances is very helpful to me. Many blessings to you and your work.”

Monterey, California

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